Intermountain Chapel #27

Commemorative Order of St Thomas of Acon

Instituted May 28, 2016
Includes Sir Knights from Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Wyoming

Regular Members

Sir Ronnie (Aasterud) of —-
Sir Monte (Anderson) of Gisborn # Sir Michael (E. Keas) of Torrence
Sir Theo (J. Bahr) of Newcastle on Tyne * Sir Gary (A. S. La Bruyere) of Vick #
Sir Ronald (G. Berto) of Les Bois * Sir Norman (C. Lane) of Boise (Resigned)
Sir Kevin (Betterton) of Granger # Sir Scott (McCaulley) of Ardencaple
Sir Kim (Bowman) of the Kaibab Sir Barry (E. Newell) of Les Bois
Sir Keith (C. Brooks) of Devonshire Sir Gavin (Reed) of Athol
Sir William (Brotherson) of Salt Lake City # Sir Richard (L. Rowe) of Shropshire
Sir Corby (K. Christensen) of Les Bois Sir Jason (Varner) of Carbon County, Grand Preceptor (Northwest)
Sir Reed (B. Fanning) of Rose Park, PM of Trinity #2 Sir Jeremy (C. Vaughn) of Anitsalagi, Grand Secretary
Sir Paul (A. Gehrman, Jr.) of Mehlsack Sir George (J. White, Jr.) of Camas #
Sir David (A. Grindle) of Ardencaple, Past Prov. Grand Prior, PG Almoner Sir Johnny (A. Willis) of Elmore
Sir Steven (L. Hall) of Essex
Sir Michael (B. Johnson) of Crowheart &

#  Demitted     &  Suspended    *  Deceased

Honorary Members

Sir Matthew (Dupee) of Philadelphia, K.H., P.G.M. 


Sir Ernest (Spradling) of Lavalette, K.C., P.G. Sec.

Sir Reese (Harrison, Jr.) of Bexar, K.H., P.G.M., P.G. Prec. (USA)


Sir Aaron (White) of Muhlenberg, K.C., P.G. Mar.

Sir Joseph  (Manning) of Glouchestershire, K.H., P.G.M.


Sir Jeffrey (Craig) of Issaquah

Sir Joseph (MacIntyre) of Toftingall, K.H., P.G. Prec.(NW), MWGM


Sir Bryan (Bechler) of Exeter

Sir William (Miller) of Seattle, K.H., P.G.M., P.G. Prec.(NW)


Sir Jack (Harper, II) of Hillsboro

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